I asked her: “Hey, been meaning to ask you. Favorite type of bending: go.”


i would’ve answered this sooner but i wanted an image reference. I really like firebending. The actual element? Not my favorite. But the actual technique and style of it? definitely. 

In the ATLA art book (where this pic came from) byran and mike talked about how they scouted out a professional martial artist to help them develop the characteristics for each element. i like how the fire nation has a fighting style that’s swift, yet powerful. like even looking at this picture, you can just feel the force being put through a simple jab of the hand.

PLus, the Zuko v. Azula fight. I mean, that is probably my favorite fight of the series. Nothing short of epic.

((and iroh-man in LOK, if you know what scene i’m talking about))”

becuase i was a derp and didnt publish david’s ask when i really meant to so i had him submit it

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